Are you afraid of being fired at any time for any reason, basically at the whim of the senior leadership? 

This organization is for you. 

Do you wonder why graduate students in other departments are treated so differently than in yours? 

This organization is for you. 

Are you tired of being ignored by the senior leadership when you request transparency in university decision making?

This organization is for you. 

Join our wall-to-wall union of faculty, staff, and student employees, building our collective power to advance academic justice in fulfilling our universities' public missions.


What do we do as a union?






Community and Political Action.

For university workers, mobilization is a three-part process of building a structure to support taking action, educating ourselves about problems facing our universities, and taking collective action to solve collective problems. We mobilize around the shared issues we care about, such as stopping unnecessary pay cuts and layoffs, ensuring our health and safety, dismantling structural racism and other forms of oppression on our campus, as well as protecting public higher education from private and corporate entities.  
We grow our movement for workplace justice through organizing. We do so by asking everyone—including you— to join and build our union membership. We can no longer act alone. Now is the time. Central administrators continue to ignore our concerns and the safety and well-being of its workers, students, and the surrounding community. We ask each university employee to join UCW Arizona and join the fight to protect and improve the university we love.r
We are building collective power to improve higher education and our working conditions. The problems we face aren’t unique. But the state of Arizona is at the bottom of the list in support for higher education and student financial aid, and at the top of the list in privatizations that compromise our public purpose. Our state spends more on prisons than it does on all of its colleges and universities combined. None of these things will change overnight, since there are powerful forces arrayed against us. We unite with other community groups who have been taking action to influence elected officials to support public higher education and its workers —the people who make public higher education work.   


Who can join the union?

Everyone who works or has worked in higher education in Arizona can join the new United Campus Workers of Arizona, Local 7065. We want to build a a broad coalition of tenured, career-track, and contingent faculty; staff; graduate and undergraduate students; everyone whose work makes the university. This is why we chose United Campus Workers, a union that is committed to “wall-to-wall” organizing.

Why do we need a union?

We defend ourselves against pay cuts and lay-offs, health risks in the workplace, changes in the terms of our contracts, and the privatization of our university. We have fought against administrators who ignore our voices and harm our students, employees, and community. We build power and resources to sustain our movement for justice for higher education into the future.

What is a wall-to-wall union, and how does it work?

A wall-to-wall union means all university employees, regardless of job title, unite to make our university a better place to work and to educate. We build unity on the issues we all share. We have caucuses for our major employee groups, like contingent faculty, different staff groups, and graduate student workers as a way to address our job-specific concerns. Together we will democratically decide how our future elected leadership will be structured in order to make sure everyone is represented.

How much would I pay for dues as a union member?

     Your Yearly Salary — Your Monthly Dues

  • $0-$19,999   —  $8.00 / month [for 12 months] 
  • $20,000-$24,999   —  $11.00 / month

  • $25,000-$29,000   —  $13.00 / month

  • $30,000-$34,999   —  $16.00 / month

  • $35,000-$54,999   —  $22.00 / month

  • $55,000-$74,999   —  $31.00 / month

  • $75,000-$94,999   —  $41.00 / month

  • $95,000-$114,999 —  $50.00 / month

  • $115,000+   —  $60.00 / month

What are union members’ dues for?

Dues support the operational expenses of our organization including resources, training, communications, lobbying and legal services, and more. Dues pay for our organization. The more members we have, the stronger our union. Dues cannot be spent on candidates or direct electoral work; we have a separate political action fund (PAF) for that purpose.

I thought Arizona was a “right to work state” – is it even legal to unionize?

It is. A “right to work state” simply means that people have a right to employment without having to join a labor organization. However, you do have the right to join a union if you so choose.

Does the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) recognize workers’ rights to form a union?

According to its policy, ABOR maintains that labor organization membership is part of employees’ rights and should not in any way impact their employment.

Does our union have the right to collectively bargain?

Not under the current state law. Gaining the right to collectively bargain would require changing state law. That said, collective bargaining is only one tool in the labor movement toolbox. Many workers, like public workers in many places, farm workers, and others, organize without legal collective bargaining. How? Through a combination of organizing, mobilizing and community and political action (see the triangle above). Together, we build power to influence policies and how decisions are made within our university.

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United Campus Workers of Arizona is a 501(c)5 labor union. United Campus Workers of Arizona es un sindicato 501(c)5.

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